About Us

About Us

Smiling Girl at Jarlmadanga

Smiling Girl a Jarlmadanga

DFT is a Music Project; Using the arts to create Educational and Musical opportunities in Remote Communities but also to create greater Cultural Awareness.

“ Hi,
I like playing guitar with my band and I was thinking its good for the community of Wirrimanu.
Kids like playing music. Please we really
need desert feet tour in our community
Please help…”

Music Opportunities

  • Staging events in remote/isolated communities, performance opportunities for musicians in remote areas.
  • Bringing musicians, performers, and talent to perform for the communities.
  • Staging events with national level acts, to create exposure for the artists we unearth.
  • Recording, producing, and promoting musicians from remote Indigenous communities. See Desert Feet Records (DFR), not-for-profit record label in Australia for musicians in remote areas.

All our concerts, public or otherwise, are alcohol and smoke free family events.

Educational Opportunities

  • We teach basic sight-reading, song writing and music theory classes.
  • We deliver healthy lifestyle messages in the song writing, in partnership with Diabetes WA.
  • We help existing artists to develop their workshop presentation skills
  • We produce recordings/demos of songs created in workshops / classes.

All our workshops are optional, non-intrusive and flexible. People can watch, join in, leave, or come and go as they please. There is no duress, pass or fail mark, or pressure. As a result, we can boast very high attendances. 

Our aim in workshops is to develop a piece, which participants can then perform at the concerts. It’s an exciting thing to be a part of.

Desert Feet Documentary (July 2012 Tour)

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